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# Presenter Paper title
76 Idit Feder The Theory Behind the Full Scattering Profile
77 Alex Glick Imaging DNA and Lamin A Protein Using AFM
78 Irena Bronshtein Tracking of Genomic Sites at Nanoscale Leads to the Understanding of Genome Organization
79 Pedro Alpuim Lab-on-a-chip Platform Based on Graphene Field-effect Transistors for DNA Sensing
80 Ella Borberg Light-controlled 3D Nanowire on-chip Filter as a Selective Separation, Desalting, Pre-concentration, and Controlled Release Platform for Direct Analysis of Complex Biosamples
81 Eden Bergman Ultrasound Effect on Cancerous Vs. Non-cancerous Cells
83 Boris Haimov Towards a Universal Force Field for Efficient Atomistic Monte Carlo Simulation of Protein Folding in Dihedral Space
84 Yuval Garini Measuring the Persistence Length of Single-stranded DNA using a DNA Origami Structure