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# Presenter Paper title
87 Roman Yatskiv/Jackiv Current Transport in Nanoscale Heterojunctions
88 Dan Liraz Benchmarking the Electronic Processes at the Planar Organic Heterojunction Solar Cells
89 Elihu Anouchi Dynamics of the Ramp Reversal Effect in VO2, V2O3 and NdNiO3
90 Ela Sachyani Printed Flexible Actuators for Soft Robotics
91 Natalie Fardian Melamed Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Novel Silver-Containing DNA Molecules
92 Yousef Farraj Formation and Utilization of Copper Conductive Inks for 2D and 3D Electronics
95 Jacob Battat Aerospace Applications of Carbon Nanotubes-based Composites
98 Eran Mishuk Electro-chemo-mechanical Contribution to Mechanical Actuation in Nanocrystalline Gd-doped Ceria Membranes
99 Ie Mei Bhattacharyya High Gain Transistor Based on Fully Depleted Silicon-On-Insulator Technology for Biosensing Applications
100 Ekaterina Zoubenko Modification of the Effective Work Function of Titanium Nitride by the Reactive Gas Choice in Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition Process
102 Ofir Shein Lumbroso Electronic Noise due to Temperature Difference Across Single Molecule Conductors: Beyond Standard Thermal and Shot Noises