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# Presenter Paper title
133 Inbal Weisbord Understanding Assembly In Nano Spray Dried Block Copolymer Nanoparticles
134 Sara Meir Ultrafast Fiber Lasers with Graphene Saturable Absorber
135 Viraj Bhingardive Nano Lithographically Templated Assembly of 1D Nanostructures
136 Sivan Tzadka Thermal Nanoimprint and Resolution Limits of Hybrid H-PDMS/PDMS Mold
137 Rotem Azoulay Spatially-Controlled Growth of Metal Oxides in Block Copolymer Templates
138 Natali Ostrovsky Nanolithographic Fabrication on Curved Substrates
139 Aviran Halstuch Inscription of Nano Gratings on GaN Thin Films and Waveguides with a NIR Femtosecond Laser
140 Esti Toledo Multifunctional Nanodevices for the Regulation of Cytotoxic Activity of Natural Killer Cells
141 Michael Shlafman Automated Carbon Nanotube Based Circuit Fabrication and Direct Characterization of Carbon Nanotubes Vibrations
142 Barun Barick Growth of SnO2 Nanostructures by Sequential Infiltration Synthesis in Block Copolymer using Atomic Layer Deposition
143 Ofer Bar-On Nano-Lithography of Metal-Halide Perovskites for the Realization of Distributed Feedback Lasers
144 Amos Bardea Magnetic Lithography – A New Method for Patterning Flat and non-Flat Surfaces
145 Ariadna Fernandez Towards Amphiphobic Surfaces Fabricated by One Step Lithography Process
146 Jose Fernandes Buried Channel for In-chip Microfluidic Applications
147 Jose Fernandes Strategies for Machining NIL Masters in Silicon
148 Bernardo Pires Integration of Nano Sensors on Micromachined Needles for Medical Applications
149 Jordi Llobet Arrays of Single Clamped Silicon Nanowires Electrostatically Actuated for Multiplexing Applications
150 Carlos Calaza A Patterning Strategy for Large Area Arrays of High Density Nanostructures
151 Jose Rodrigues Micro Machined TSVs for WLP Applications
309 Yuval Berg Femtosecond Laser Processes in Nanometric Multi-layer Thin Film Structures