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# Presenter Paper title
240 Hamza Abudayyeh Quantum Light Manipulation: A Path towards Efficient Pure Room-temperature Single Photon Sources
242 Adam Weissman Spatial Confinement of Light onto a Flat Metallic Surface using Hybridization between Two Cavities
243 Dror Liran Fully Guided Electrically-controlled Exciton Polaritons
244 Qian Zhang Photo-induced Charge Transfer in Organic Semiconductor Nano-crystal Films: Kelvin-Probe and Transient Studies
245 Ernesto Joselevich Guided Nanowire Optoelectronics
246 Idan Meirzada Negative Charge Enhancement of Near-surface Nitrogen Vacancy Centers by Multicolor Excitation
247 Miri Blau Spatial Mode Mixing Device Printed on Fiber Facet
249 Pavel Terekhov Multipole Evolution and Directional Scattering in Dielectric Nanocubes Embedded in Media
250 Yakov Galutin Controlling Light in a Metasurface-Perturbed Dielectric Waveguide
251 Yang Gaoling Chiral 2D Colloidal Semiconductor Quantum Wells
252 Leng Wai Un Thermo-optical Nonlinear Scattering of Single Metallic Nanoparticle
253 Dvir Munk Silicon-Photonic Dense 8-Channel Multiplexer Using Mach-Zehnder Interferometer Filters with Nested Ring Resonators
254 Boaz Lubotzky Nitrogen Vacancy Center Coupled to Hybrid Metal-dielectric Bullseye Nanoantenna for Stable, High Brightness Single Photon Sources
255 Moshe Katzman Four-Wave Mixing in Highly Nonlinear Chalcogenide Glass-in-Silica Waveguides
257 Gal Shpun Resonant Based Light Amplification for High-Resolution Optical Retinal Prosthesis
258 Manoop Chenchiliyan Challenges in Using Time-resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy for the Size Determination of Carbon Dots
259 Yaakov Mandelbaum FEM Analysis and Application of Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering (SERS) Nanostructure Substrate for Optical PH Sensor
260 Igor Khanonkin Multi-wavelegth Pump-probe Numerical Analysis of Tunneling Injection Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifier Operating at Telecommunication Wavelegnth
261 Jin He Metallic Conductive Luminescent Film: Current Effect on Lifetime
262 Michael Krueger Attosecond Probing of Nanoplasmonic Fields
263 Jonathan Bar-David Second Harmonic Generation in Geometric-Phase Resonant Dielectric Metasurfaces
264 Yoel Sebbag Integrated Light-vapor Interactions in Mid-infrared
265 Jacob Engelberg Near-IR Wide Field-of-View Huygens Metalens