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# Presenter Paper title
267 Shubhankar Das Spin-orbit Torque Switching of Multi-state Magnetic Structures: A Novel Route towards Multi-Level Magnetic Random Access Memory
269 Anna Kremen Mapping Quantum Fluctuations Near the Superconductor-insulator Transition
270 Yarden Sheffer Towards Precision Measurements of Radiation Reaction in the Presence of Periodic Electromagnetic Fields
272 Aviv Glezer Moshe Single Level and Multi-Level Kondo Effect in Granular Aluminum Films
273 Morgan Lynch Radiation from Quantum Electrons in Strong Fields
274 Ariel Ashkenazy Enhanced Entangled-Photon-Pair Interaction with Metallic Nanoparticles
275 Anna Yucknovsky Reversible Aggregation of Au Nanoparticles Controlled by Excited State Proton Transfer and Excited State Hydroxide Transfer Processes
276 Tzuriel S. Metzger Spin Controlled Long Range Interaction
277 Elica Kyoseva Adiabatic Control of Surface Plasmon-polaritons in Graphene
278 Angeleene ENG All-dielectric Waveguide-overlayer System for Single-atom Optical Trapping
279 Ran Finkelstein Vapor Spectroscopy and Extreme Nonlinear Optics via a Nano-fiber
280 Tomer Feld Current Phase-relation of an Unconventional Josephson Junction
281 Roy Zektzer Chiral Quantum Optics in Hot Vapor Cladded Waveguide