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# Presenter Paper title
286 Marianna Beiderman Development of a Miniaturized Bio-Barcode Sensor Array for Detection of Biological Events
287 Galya Haim Sensing Chiral-induced Magnetization in an Integrated Nitrogen-Vacancy-based Device
288 Boris Ferdman Ultra-sensitive Refractometry via Supercritical Angle Fluorescence Analysis
289 Nitzan Shauloff The Effect of Tensile Alterations on Fluorescence Properties in Polymer Embedded with Carbon Dots
290 Israel Alshanski Glycosaminoglycans Sulfation Pattern Governs Heavy Metal Ions Electrochemical Sensing
291 Evgeniy Mervinetsky Conformationally Adaptive Peptide Nanolayers for Metal Ions Biosensing
292 Abhijit Saha Optical Platform for Simultaneous Detection and Quantification of Multiple DNA
294 Rosana Dias Thin-film Silicon MEMS on Flexible Polyimide Substrate Strip