Nano Art Competition at NANO.IL.2018

We are proud to once again be hosting an exhibition of nano artwork. The artwork will be judged by a panel of experts in the arts and sciences.

10 art exhibits will be selected for display at the NANO.IL.2018 Conference.

The best artwork will receive an award.

Nano-art features nano landscapes (natural structures at the molecular and atomic level of matter), nano sculptures (structures created by manipulating matter at the nanoscale by using chemical and physical processes) and nano devices that may combine also biological entities. These structures are visualized by using research tools such as electron scanning microscopes, optical microscopes, atomic force microscopes and many others. Their scientific images are captured and may be further processed by using creative techniques to convert them into art and showcased for large audiences.

Submissions must be uploaded by July 15, 2018

Further rules
  • NANO.IL.2018 is eligible to publish all pictures, fully acknowledging the person that has submitted the art work. The material may be published in prints and/or may be found on the conferences website. (This may include video presentations).
  • The presenting artist must register their art work to be presented at the conference. Registration details and payment must be received by August 15th 2018 to ensure inclusion of the work in conference publications and in order to be presented at the Nano-art show. 

Kindly be aware that by submitting your nano picture, you are providing the organizers with full rights to use it for PR publications after the event.

Prizes will be awarded during the closing ceremony on October11th 2018.
Winners must be present at the closing ceremony in order to collect their prize. 
If the winners are not present during the ceremony, the prize will be forfeited and given to the next best work chosen.

A fluorescence Lifetime, Eran Barnoy - Fixler and Popovtzer labs

Keratocyte in Pig Cornea, Yafit Fleger

Silica Particles on Water, Victor Shokhen - Zitoun’s lab